Trail Ridge South

Here is your neighborhood Lawn care Tip!


Does your lawn look like this?

Or like this?

The secret to a great looking lawn is the proper care and the secret fertilizer. It is called:

Professional Turf Fertilizer
American Pride Coop

It is made up of Nitrogen 20, Phosphoric Acid 20 and Sulfur 10 and can be purchased at the following location:

Templeton Gap Turf Farm Llc
(719) 591-1300  See reviews on Local
5716 E Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO Map

Frank Sansoni, the Trail Ridge South Lawn Doctor on Lily Lake, swears by the product and his lawn shows it! Frank works 2 nights a week perfecting his lawn and his inspiration has led other neighbors to switch fertilizers and to join this neighborhood trend. He recommends applying the product every 6-8 weeks, to be sure to cut your lawn before application and to water heavily both after applying and the following day. Dr. Frank with his beautifully landscaped lawn has convinced others to join the lawn care secret to greener lawns!